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Cookies are code segments installed in the browser to aid the website's functionality as outlined in their purposes. Some cookie installations may require user consent. Technical and statistical cookies perform essential activities, such as saving sessions and optimizing the user experience. Other cookies or third-party tools may collect statistics without user consent or may be managed by the owner directly. Live chat platforms enable interaction, and social network interactions occur directly from the site. Advertising services use user data for commercial communication. Google AdSense and Google Analytics are advertising and statistical services, while remarketing services track and optimize ads based on user behavior. Statistics services monitor and analyze traffic data. Google Analytics and Google AdWords Conversion Tracking are examples. Content viewing from external platforms, like Google Fonts and Google Maps, allows content integration. Extended information on cookies is provided, and user consent is obtainable through various actions. The data controller is Worldwide Automation LLC, responsible for first-party technical cookies. User preferences can be managed through browser settings. The website uses first-party technical cookies and third-party profiling cookies. The user can control cookie installations through browser settings or opt-out options provided by third-party services. The data controller provides support for users exercising their consent or refusal. Definitions and legal references are included, detailing terms like personal data, user, data controller, and more. The information also guides users on how to manage cookie preferences and provides external links for additional information.