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Who we are:

We are Worldwide Automation LLC: A renowned international company specializing in industrial Automation and Control. We supply obsolete automation parts to keep your production running. As a global leader in the supply of industrial automation parts, our extensive knowledge and experience make us a highly capable international supplier for a wide range of industrial automation products, ensuring the utmost quality in every offering.

Company Overview:

Worldwide Automation LLC head office located in DUBAI. We are global leader of industrial automation parts supply. We provide industrial automation and control parts to customers across 190 countries in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Oceania, meeting the daily heavy demands for these products.
Worldwide Automation LLC has formed a one-stop E-commerce site carrying one of the largest range of products for various industrial automation and control divisions. We are specialized in providing world-most mainstream brands: SIEMENS, ABB, Allen-Bradley, GE Fanuc, General Electric, Schneider Electric, Omron, Danfoss, Fuji Electric and Mitsubishi Electric in very competitive prices.
With several co-partners located in key locations across the globe, Worldwide Automation LLC is able to arrange regular or obsolete new automation parts in minimum work time frame. Our teams of customer support staff work together with our global network of partner suppliers, to make sure you get leading customer service, especially in critical plant shutdown situations that can cost millions in lost revenue. We offer smart solutions to process your production shutdowns, provide technical support and visibility into the management of your obsolete equipment in the long term.

Mission, Vision, Corporate Values and Identity:

Our Mission:


We are Worldwide Automation LLC: A international company in the field of industrial Automation and Control. Our mission from begging is to earn affection from our global customers by delivering superior experience and value, thereby making them our products ambassadors. Driving competitiveness by operating our businesses at all benchmark levels. Executing orders safely with predictable benchmark quality, cost and time. Being the lead adopter of digital technology with a spirit of pioneering and calculated risk taking. Practicing ‘Leadership with Care’ by pursuing best practices on Care for our Environment, Community, Customers, People and creating a culture that will reinforce our values and enable global manufacturing industry to achieve and unleash their full potential to deliver outcomes in a sustainable way.

Our Vision:

Worldwide Automation LLC is committed to becoming recognized worldwide as the most reliable, knowledgeable and pleasant partner to work with. This reflect to our "deal is deal" attitude, unique knowledge and great customer service. To achieve this objective, we continue to innovate and invest in solutions for the wide variety of industrial Automation and Control issues faced by the industry today. We will continue to expand on our position as a world leading Industrial Automation part supplier. we committed in consistently meeting and exceeding all international standards. We shall keep as an innovative & empowered team constantly creating value & attain global benchmarks. We shall create a culture of honesty, trust & continuous improving Industrial automation supply while meeting expectations of our customers, Employees & the society.

Our Corporate Values:

Our Identity:

We Worldwide Automation LLC consider each contact opportunity as another step forward towards a long-lasting relationship with our global customers. We inspire our customers with our creative support for industrial automation and control spare parts. Our systematic organization and personalized, pleasant communication play a part in this. Quality is key part to all we do! We welcome every opportunity that the market offers us and we actively expect what the next one will be. This is how we maintain our unique knowledge, which we use to distinguish ourselves as the best partner for our customers, together with everyone else who is involved. We are determined to continue learning and to sharing our experience in industrial automation and control. We are confident in ourselves and in our business while ensuring constant growth for our organization.

Our customers:

We provide industrial Automation parts to our customers around the globe. We are global leader of industrial automation parts supply. We are offering industrial Automation and control parts to customers located in 190 countries from North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Oceania countries to fulfil daily heavy demands for industrial Automation and control parts.

Break-down or maintenance for your business processes:

Does your business work with Automation processes? Are you fully aware of current health of your systems? Are you no longer receiving obsolete parts from the manufacturer of the installed products? Do you no longer have enough spare parts or replacement products in stock or are they no longer available via the distributor’s channels? If any of this applies to you, you can consider Worldwide Automation LLC. We can benefit you in all of the areas stated above. An Automation break-down often means that production comes to hold or sometimes even an entire production process plant. This can cost millions in lost revenue. At Worldwide Automation LLC, we have the required parts to assist you. We are your sustainable supplier for your automation & control system.

What you benefit from us:

- As we are master in obsolete Automation parts supply, so you will face minimum expenses, because you will not have to switch to a new system if your current system has gotten obsolete or no more production by OEM
- A high-quality functional product that has been fully original with 1 year quality warranty
- Fast delivery worldwide, with an expedited option if the product must be handled and shipped on top priority.

Let us take care of the stress of maintaining your automation & control system, so that you can focus on keeping your business in action.

Service in many sectors:

Our customers are operating in various Industries, such as: