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IC660TBD110 GE Fanuc

Terminal Assembly belongs to the GE Fanuc Genius I/O series of modules.

IC660BBD022 GE Fanuc

Compatible Block with 24 VDC rated voltage, 16 points,18-30 VDC , Load Current is 2 Amp, Operating Voltage is 18-30 VDC.

IC660BBR101 GE Fanuc

16 points of normally open relay output block with rated voltage of 115 VAC or 230 VAC.

IC660BBA026 GE Fanuc

GE Fanuc Genius IC660BBA026 is a 24/48 volt DC Current-Source Analog Input Block. Technical Specifications are below: Rated Voltage: 24/48 VDC Number of Points: 6 Input Range: 4 mA to 20 mA, 0 mA to 25 mA Resolution: 1 micro Amp Operating Voltage: 18 - 56 VDC Points per Common: 6 Isolated points GE FANUC:IC660BBA026

IC660EBD020 GE Fanuc

Electronic assembly block with 16-circuit source/sink input and output block.

IC660BBD021 GE Fanuc

Compatible block with rated voltage of 24/48 VDC and 16 Number of Points, Input Range: 18-56 VDC, Load Current:2 Amp, Operating Voltage:18-56 VDC

IC660BBD101 GE Fanuc

Input/Output Block that comes with eight discrete points/circuits and delivers 115 Volts AC.

IC660EBD110P GE Fanuc

Genius I/O Electronic Assembly Block with 16-circuit discrete I/O blocks.

IC660BBD110 GE Fanuc

Discrete input block comes with 16 points and is rated 115 Volt AC with an input and operating voltage range of 93-132 VAC and a frequency of 47-63 Hz.