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The warranty for all products extends to 12 months from the delivery date, covered by Worldwide Automation LLC. In the event that the item is not as described, a full refund, including all shipping costs, will be provided. If the item is lost or damaged during transit, a refund will be processed only if insurance is in place. To avail themselves of the remedies offered by the legal guarantee accompanying the products, users should contact the holder via the email address . The holder will promptly respond to reports of alleged non-conformities and guide the user through the specific procedure, considering the product category and/or the reported defect. It is important to note that defects resulting from courier transport, improper use or assembly, inadequate storage or maintenance, and degradation due to usage are excluded from the warranty. Upon delivery, customers are obligated to verify the conformity of the product with the order.


Returns are accepted only with prior written authorization from Worldwide Automation LLC, facilitated through the issuance of a Return Material Authorization (RMA) code. Upon receipt of the returned item, Worldwide Automation LLC conducts an examination to ensure that the product matches the one sold, that the defect is present, attributable to its responsibility, and covered by the warranty. Replacement of defective products occurs only under these specific conditions. The warranty provided by Worldwide Automation LLC is the sole warranty applicable, superseding any other warranties, whether written, oral, or implied, except as outlined below for consumers. Defects and/or non-conformities in products must be reported in writing to Worldwide Automation LLC via email , subject to forfeiture, (i) within 5 (five) days of delivery in the case of product discrepancies or obvious defects and (ii) within 8 (eight) days of discovery for hidden defects. Worldwide Automation LLC is not an official distributor or representative of the brands featured on this site. Trademarks and names on this site remain the property of their respective owners. For SIEMENS/ABB/GE FANUC/Rockwell products, Worldwide Automation LLC is not an authorized dealer of surplus items or affiliated with the manufacturer. Products may have older date codes or belong to an older series than those available directly from the factory or authorized dealers. Since Worldwide Automation LLC is not an authorized distributor, the original manufacturer's warranty does not apply (the 12-month Worldwide Automation LLC warranty applies). Some SIEMENS/ABB/GE FANUC/Rockwell products may come with pre-installed firmware; however, Worldwide Automation LLC does not guarantee the presence of firmware or whether it meets the necessary revision level for its application. Worldwide Automation LLC also does not guarantee the ability or right to download firmware on behalf of the customer. It is the customer's responsibility to adhere to the terms of any End User License Agreement or similar documents related to obtaining or installing firmware.



Tampering, unauthorized removal, failure to follow user instructions, usage of a different voltage than prescribed, installation of non-genuine parts or those not in compliance with technical specifications, failures due to improper device use, attempts at repair by unqualified personnel, and damage caused by natural disasters or otherwise (e.g., lightning, fire, flooding, vandalism, etc.) will result in the voiding of the warranty. Warranty conditions are applicable solely to the malfunctioning product accompanied by the authorized return authorization.